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A Lure: Teen Fight Club

Title: A Lure: Teen Fight Club
Rating: 2.5/5
Genre: Crime, Drama
Starring: Jessica Sonneborn, Michael McLafferty, Paulie Rojas
Director: Bill McAdams Jr.

You'd think with a title like that it'd be pretty hard to go too far wrong; a film about a fight club with teenage girls beating the crap out of each other. What part of this sounds bad? Malicious bad guys dressing them and giving them fun persona's; it's not too far removed from what made “Sucker Punch” so fun to watch, except here they're fighting one another! Or at least, that's what I expected. When young teenagers are mysteriously disappearing from a local high school, it's down to Maggie, a local cop, to go undercover and infiltrate the school to uncover the dark truth. Donning her hockey uniform, she impressively manages to convince the school effortlessly that she's new in town and not a woman of her early thirties, finding herself the target of the local popular clique of teens because she has …


Title: Hanger
Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Horror, Exploitation
Starring: Dan Ellis, Nathan Dashwood, Wade Gibb
Director: Ryan Nicholson

Sometimes you get a craving that nothing short of full blown gore-laden depravity will be able to fill. It's times like these that you need to look to the trash of the film world; the low-budget films that may not have the cash to splash around on detailed effects, but the idea's for a story that would never make it past the studio's desk. Another straight from Nicholson's chest of Troma worship, the man who previously gave us a film (Gutterballs) about a bowling pin slasher massacre returns with a tale even more depraved than ever. Starting out with a backroom abortion with a coat hanger, things only progress as he throws in casual racism, Santa's fun with GHB and tampon tea bags in as an aside to the main story. You see, the abortion of a baby manages to survive; her whore mother's main customer taking it upon himself to make sure …

Doug Stanhope – Deadbeat Hero

Title: Doug Stanhope – Deadbeat Hero
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Comedy (Stand-Up)
Starring: Doug Stanhope

Through the black and white video we're slowly taken from the city lights to the back alleys of whatever US City this really is; a brief dictionary definition of the meaning of the word “Liberty,” a major point to be addressed in correlation to how little of it anyone really has, is briefly flashed up before descending us into the darkness. Past the dumpster we follow our hero as he grabs himself another beer, finishes his cigarette and emerges on the stage of a small, underground, smoke filled venue. Between the dishevelled look on his face and the dirtied overcoat you might have mistaken him for a homeless guy looking for warmth, and anyone would have thought from the appearance of the place that the prohibition had never ended, and maybe in Doug's eyes it never really had. Sometimes disclaimers appear in reviews, “not for the easily offended,” when dealing with such crass subje…