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Super Task Force One

Title: Super Task Force One (2013)
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Action/Comedy
Starring: Steve Rudzinski, Seth Gontkovic, Aleen Isley
Director: Steve Rudzinski
Duration: 69 mins

Fifteen years after the government decommissions Super Task Force Six, a team of alien/monster/robot-fighting superheroes, it’s subliminal controller, Emperor Zagel, threatens the planet with the combined power of each of the six Task Force members. That is until one of the Force’s transformation devices falls into the unsuspecting hands of a mild-mannered writer, Jason, granting him superhuman strength, a large gun, and the onerous “task” of saving the world. Together with the help of both his girlfriend and Super Task Force superfan best friend, Jason must surmount harrowing odds in order to overthrow Emperor Zagel and thwart his evil plans.

Employing some of its most dominant “tokusatsu” inspirations like Super Sentai and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as a storytelling template, Super Task Force One is a fun, action…

The Living List

With the advent of my writing being concentrated on other efforts but the desire to still keep some sort of record of the films I've watched, I present the living list. Some may come with a very brief reason, many may just be listed according to the rating I gave them.

You can skip to a particular rating simply by searching for the correct number of asterisks.


Moebius - Experimental Drama, Japanese - Full Review

Vulgaria - Comedy, Hong Kong - Oh where to begin. It's the story of an aspiring CatIII (read: porn) producer who is desperately trying to get a film made following a lengthy stint of inactivity, failed ideas and no income. Involving bestiality, fried duck heads, Triad bosses, reviving the porn career of an 70 year old woman, and a use for popping candy that I don't think I'll ever be able to shake from my mind, Vulgaria had me laughing harder than I have done for a long time. Seriously. You need to watch this.

The Raid 2 - Action, Indonesian - After the rol…