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Title: Godzilla
Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Director: Gareth Edwards

Let’s eschew the usual introductory exposition and drive right into the nitty gritty shall we? After all, this is a Godzilla film; an iconic and beloved character that remains the most recognisable monster of all monster movies ever created. It is the pride of Japanese cinema and recognised the world over, and that of course makes it all the more concerning when it falls into American hands. The big question of course, is—like so many of their remakes and reboots—did they manage to create a monumental fuck-up that forgets the original for big flashy explosions and bland CGI-laden action? Actually, no. Despite all my misgivings and concerns going in, it managed to exceed all expectations and do the franchise proud. Which is something I never thought I’d actually say.

People may remember the original in the light of all the copycat clones and jokes made at his expen…