Terracotta East Asian Film Festival Special: Foreword

With the frequent talk of Wacken and Maryland Death Fest, it somehow seems oddly fitting that I lose my 'festival virginity' to a three-day excursion devoted entirely to films from East Asia. This film festival has delivered on premières in almost every genre from nearly half a dozen countries and guest stars offering valuable insights into their work, and with more films on offer than most working men can watch, I offer my countdown on eight of the films on display along with the following lessons I've learnt as a result: Tak Sakaguchi shouldn't expect a career in singing any time soon, merchandise stands will empty the contents of your wallet and when Rina Takeda misses her high kicks, bones get broken. It may not have the thousands of attendants than music festivals achieve, but this simply means I should be all the more grateful, and so I offer my thanks to Terracotta distribution, the Prince Charles Cinema and all the volunteers involved in making it a success and allowing me to be a part of it.


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