Cheerleader Camp

Title: Cheerleader Camp (aka Bloody Pom Poms)
Rating: 2/5
Genre: Horror
Starring: Betsy Russell, Leif Garrett, Teri Weigel
Director: John Quinn
Duration: 88 mins

A group of young (but not young looking) cheerleaders drive up to a camp for some spirited competition with cheerleaders from other schools. Our main heroine and team captain, Alison, is being plagued by nightmares from the get-go. But this couldn't be the reason the captain of the opposing squad killed herself, or that other cheerleaders start disappearing. Could it?

I'm sure you all probably summed up this movie by yourselves by just looking at the title. Or if that wasn't the case, you were able to sum it up after reading the cast. What else but a B-grade slasher movie can one expect out of a film called Cheerleader Camp that stars teen-idol Leif Garrett, playmates Rebecca Ferratti and Krista Pflanza, and pornstar Teri Weigel? No, not a porno. A sex comedy at the very least, but blatantly a slasher flick. However, this one isn't as violent as it's 1980's contemporaries. A little bloody stuff here and there, but all fairly tame. The bevy of nubile, peppy young campers and their "assets" more than make up for this. Along with this eye candy, our ears are annointed with the superfly rap stylings of Garrett and fat-boy side-kick Travis McKenna (who, in my opinion, steals the show).

Technical details: the acting sucks, the story sucks, the violence sucks, the pace sucks, the humor sucks, and the suspense sucks. All the other filmmaking outputs are just so-so. Cheerleader Camp passes with a rating of 2 due to the amount of flesh and its inherently campy nature (pun intended). This movie just reeks of B-movie odor, so it can't possibly be a turkey. Remember this kids: B-movies never die. They are either immortalized or dead on arrival. Bloody Pom Poms is, for better or for worse, part of the former category. It has too many ingredients to not be a cult classic, even though it falls short of memorable.

A funny watch in spite of itself if you're in the mood for some cheesy goodness. A dull watch if you aren't.



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