Humanities End

Title: Humanities End
Rating: 1/5
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Starring: Jay Laisne, Cynthia Ickes, Rochelle Vallese
Director: Neil Johnson

So I managed to keep my eyes open for this one, thus removing it from that bottom category, but they should consider this an act of kindness on my part. One of the first things that struck me was the gratuitous use of CGI; often in low-budget affairs they try to limit the effects, but here they’ve gone for gusto and used in by the bucketload, and whilst it clearly looks dated, was fairly well utilised. In fact, it was probably the best thing about this film, and that’s not a good thing.

The plot follows a captain whose name we never learn. Or I didn’t remember. Anyway, he goes fishing on some desert planet (wrap your mind around that one) for seven years because he’s hiding from the woman he desperately loves who dumped him. He receives a transmission from her saying she needs help, but only one of the ships she was towing survives. A half dead old guy and a ridiculously hot ‘breeder’ is all that remains, and it is here that we are told that the captain and the breeder are the last two humans left alive. Oh bollocks, I forgot to mention the war. Basically, cavemen were actually smarter than us, and rather than becoming extinct simply left; they are called the Nephilim, and they come back pissed at us for…actually that never gets explained. They form an alliance with the ‘Construkts’ or ‘Homo-Technis’ as they are sometimes called, which are man-made cyborg’s that rebelled and killed most of us.

The acting is laughably bad, as in I’m not sure if they intended it to be a joke, where we come into contact with a ridiculously hot ‘breeder’ and the captain is told he’s the last man alive and has to repopulate the species with her. But then on the other hand, the jokes from the captain are so bad, that they are possibly the least funny aspect to the entire film. But even given the shoddy acting, the CGI – which in fairness, for the budget they were on was used pretty effectively – what really gets me is the script. Now, I don’t want to appear to be claiming that most films are completely original – they really aren’t – but this film goes one step further and blatantly plagiarises others, in the characters, effects, plot-lines, etc. I honestly don’t think there was an original though that went to into this (a list of all the stolen idea’s that come to mind will be added as a spoiler at the end).

And it’s almost disappointing, as the plot in itself didn’t reek of failure; the very premise of a few stragglers on the brink of the extinction of humanity, struggling to survive against overwhelming odds to preserve the species is in itself quite plausibly a powerful idea. It’s just a shame that this idea gets relegated so that they can pretend to be all their other favourite films.

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  1. The acting of the movie made the entire thing not a serious movie. However if anyone nowadays payed attention to what morals a story has instead of what what's wrong with it, then maybe you'd learn something.

    It was awhile ago I watched this, but it is one of my favorite movies. I don't remember anything special or bad about the effects, so who knows. They weren't so distractingly bad as to detract from the movie, so they shouldn't even be commented.

    The realism of the story is pretty crap, and I believe the effort and incompetence of all the variants that are supposed to be so advanced was stupid. If this movie is a satire then that could be even more for us to learn, but I don't know. An example is Battlefield Earth, which was rated as one of the worst movies ever. It is not even close to the worst movie ever, yet people rate it on shallow things. While I liked the movie, I think it was similar to this in how unrealistic it is. However BE was meant to be that way, now doesn't that make it seem less bad? Ignore the part about how Hubbard is a complete moron and his sense of humor sucks.

    I could comment on more things, but lets just look at 2. 1 is how people can be caught up with stupid things and miss anything of value (the reviewer). 2 is how for a semi bad movie and the character being a robot, they seemed to have more 'humanity' than any of us have, and hasn't forgotten the things that are important. It seems to me that when something tries to impersonate humans, they tend to follow the traits that are supposed to make us so good, yet we ourselves forget and take those things for granted.


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