Guts of a Virgin III: Rusted Body

Title: Guts of a Virgin III: Rusted Body
Rating: 1.5/5
Genre: Sci Fi, Horror, Exploitation
Language: Japanese

This is one of those bizarre films that I have no idea where I heard about, but became intrigued by. Continuing my interest in the emergence of ‘Pink’ cinema in the late 70s Japan, with titles such as ‘Female Prisoner’ typifying the tasteful combination of sexual humiliation and violence. Following this came the ‘second wave’ of pink cinema in the 80s, combining the degrading style with splatter-style horror, a genre this film partakes of. Whilst I have yet to see the first two, it would appear they have little resemblance to one another plot-wise. With an evident low budget and a plot line that struggles to make sense, this is a prime example of Japanese weirdness.

Now I apologise in advance if this outline of the plot makes little sense; in truth, neither did the film. Many of the gaps of who the hell people were was left to your imagination, resulting in a degree of interpretation required. Following the invention of the slightly senile elderly man (some form of ‘orgasmatron,’ that provided you have sex on the especially designed bed, you could wear the headset and experience their pleasure – this will feature as a torture device eventually), he discovered that the money he was going to do something with, possibly related to this device has been stolen. Unable to discover the culprit himself, he hires two specialist women to find the culprit and ‘extract’ the information from them using their own methods.

Sadly, for a film billed as being part splatter, you’d expect there to be more violence. It is before the specialists arrive that almost all the violence appears, and even then is fairly mild, instead focusing on more ‘erotic’ torture devices. But don’t get me wrong, they don’t just torture them by sleeping with them (well…alright they do once), forcing their victim to feel the pleasure of loved ones being raped, or dunking you ass-first into a bucket of drunk eels to penetrate every orifice in a frenzy serves to tread and unusual line between horror, softcore porn and comedy, and it is this that provides the main draw. The obscure off-beat torture methods which are nothing if not original, the crazy outfits – at one point, a guy barges in wearing full army uniform. I still have no idea why – terrible acting and low budget all result in an absolutely dreadful film that’ll provide plenty of head-turning confusion and – at times – amusement. There has to be better than this…


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